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Stack41 specializes in data center services, solutions and migrations. Whether you’re looking to move, upgrade or simply explore your options, you need knowledgeable support to meet your goals. With Stack41, you’ve got a one stop shop of experienced folks to handle all your Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) and data center management needs.

From IaaS to disaster recovery, network services and cloud solutions, you’ve found a reliable, proven partner in Stack41.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Virtual Machines

VMs are available on top of a KVM hypervisor.  We support many different operating systems

Speed & Reliability

  • For those loacted within a 100-mile radius of our data centers
  • Low latency due to proximity
  • Resources are always under-subscribed


  • No costs for hardware refresh
  • No charge for transactions or moving data in and out
  • No expensive maintenance contracts

Specialized Services

The other guys (and gals) don’t do these things. It’s some of what sets us apart – and also what makes working with us your ticket to a single-source solution to all your DCaaS needs.

Availability and Scalability as a Service

HAproxy, Varnish and/or Nginx intelligent load balancing, session pooling, cache redirection, reverse proxy, and encryption acceleration for making applications and databases resilient, distributable and scalable.

NoSQL / Key-value Store as a Service

High performance non-traditional database storage. Example applications include Redis, Cassandra, couchdb, mongodb, etc.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Ruby and Node.js agile development environments available as a service, for minutes to months.


Easily deployed Linux containers and FreeBSD jails for rapid deployment to production.  Docker support.

Logging as a Service

Splunk based centralized logging and analytics.


APIs are available for provisioning of all of the above services.

Public Cloud Compatibility

API work-alike and AMI image compatibility with AWS.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud enables reliable operations and constant systems availability. Our Edge Cloud Platforms are optimized to serve an ideal geographic radius around our data centers to provide a high level of customer service and superior performance.

Application Services

Different applications demand different design considerations. Handcrafted solutions deliver optimal performance.


Every keystroke is reliant on a rapid round-trip time to the database. Latency is the biggest killer of efficiency. Edge proximity with an SSD physical platform improves performance immeasurably

Backup and DR

Remote copies are the best way to defeat system issues and malware problems


Differentiated storage options – Block, File and Object

“Edge” Concept

If your applications are mission-critical to your business, your data center should be located within a 100-mile radius. You’ll reap near-zero latency with Stack41’s Tier III Data Centers

Private Cloud

Mission-critical applications are best served on a resilient, high-performance platform out of a purpose-built data center with 100% uptime

Dedicated Servers

For applications that demand dedicated infrastructure

Public Cloud

The public cloud can be a component of some applications

Business Continuity

When your applications, systems and software are absolutely essential to your business – it’s imperative to have a this vital infrastructure in place.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Customizable to your specific requirements

Database Recovery

Handcrafted to ensure minimal downtime and trouble-free recovery

Consulting Services

Delivered in concert with a widely respected referral partner

Darktrace Security

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Nightmares of ransomware, phishing scams and data theft are horrific realities. There is a solution, though! Cyber security from Darktrace delivers the control you want and that your business needs, so you can sleep at night.

Data Storage

Reliable, fast, inexpensive storage for when price matters. (Which, let’s face it, it always does)

Container Hosting

Hosting services in only 100% uptime facilities because it makes a difference.

Colocation Services

Coordinated with our data center partners for optimal configurations and 100% uptime SLA.

On-Site Data Center Management

Bringing our expertise in data center operations to your company

What sets us apart from other DCaaS companies:

We can help with the design of any application you want to migrate to the cloud. Stack41 uses best-in-class hardware appropriate to a customer application and do not utilize single-source vendor hardware unless it is demonstrably the best alternative or a customer specifically requests its use.

Our pricing is based on a combination of three components: RAM, storage and bandwidth. This helps clients understand solution costs and formulate an accurate budget knowing there are no hidden costs.

Plus – we’re smart, reliable, honest people. You’ll like working with us. We’ll do a great job. And you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.