IoT Services

Design and implementation of innovative, application-appropriate sensor networks to collect data that helps people live better.
Caravela IoT

Stack41 has extensive IoT sensor, network and software experience. We have performed work for manufacturers, wastewater companies, property developers and management companies on any and all aspects of an IoT engagement.

No matter what role we’re playing with an IoT client, we leverage Stack41’s secure cloud platform in addition to AWS and Azure cloud tools that align with specific applications and cost control priorities.

Our open-source platform allows developers to easily access their IoT data for use in custom or off the shelf solutions. In other words, our platform is capable of communicating with any cloud platform, which saves hosting headaches and leaves client options open.

Much of our IoT work is under the brand name Caravela IoT . Please visit the Caravela site to learn more about our IoT services.


IoT & Smart City services provided by:

Why are IoT and Smart Cities is better when powered by Stack41?

Stack41 provides the expertise and physical platform for businesses to consume as much of the cloud as they need for their data science and IoT solutions in an economical, flexible, highly secure and performant manner.


Our pricing is based on a combination of three components: RAM, storage and bandwidth. This helps clients understand solution costs and formulate an accurate budget knowing there are no hidden costs.


Plus – we’re smart, reliable, honest people. You’ll like working with us. We’ll do a great job. And you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.