On-Site Data Center Management

Bringing our expertise in data center operations to your company

Operational Expertise

The data center is a highly specialized environment that takes true expertise to manage. Appropriate power, cooling, network connections and security are all best when managed by a specialist. 

Recent years have made those specialist resources more difficult to find, and therefore, more expensive. Stack41 has extensive expertise managing commercial data center facilities and is now bringing that experience to the private enterprise business world, in order to improve facility management efficiency and save money.

Uptime and availability are enormously important for all applications. For some companies a database, file repository, or application are the lifeblood of their business and must remain available at all times for employees to do their jobs. Our expertise ensures uninterrupted access to those essential resources so employees remain productive and the flow of business isn’t disrupted.

Stack41 provides services that encompass equipment inventories, record-keeping and updating critical database files. Management tools align with compliance requirements, while current and future compute capacities must align with current and future applications.

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