Customized Regional Data Center Services

Services built for the Enterprise in the upper Midwest, designed to support heavy I/O workloads. 100% uptime data centers, using premium hardware. High levels of expert customer service at no extra cost. Learn how all of this is available to you, at a no-nonsense, predictable price that your business can afford.


Near-Zero Latency Within 100-Miles Of Data Centers


System RedundAncy, Resilient Tier III+ Facilities


24x7x365 Unparalleled Physical & Virtual Security

What is Stack41?

Stack41 is a Data Center as a Service (DCaaS) company operating data centers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. We provide the expertise and physical platform for business organizations to consume as much of the cloud as they need for their mission-critical applications in an economical, flexible, highly secure and performant manner.

Why Choose Stack41?

There is no substitute for experience. If you need a technology solution that works as it should, with no surprises, so you can sleep at night, we can help you. Our expertise is second to none. Whether you’re seeking cloud solutions, DCaaS or IaaS services, you’ll have a flexible, reliable partner in Stack41

High performance. Custom designed. Transparent pricing.

Your business has a budget. All of our customers to know exactly how much our services will cost them every month. Our prices reflect the amount of RAM, storage and Internet your application will consume. That’s all. No strings, nothing hidden, no surprises.


Stack41 IT Solutions for MRS

Management Research Services

Management Research Services scores reliable, secure IT solutions and personal service with Stack41.


Stack41 IT Solutions for Marcus Investments

Marcus Investments

Marcus Investments LLC reaps the rewards of Stack41’s integrated IT solutions.

Stack41 is not just our hosting vendor they are our business partners. Our production environment is virtualized and is fully outsourced to Stack41. Stack41 also hosts our qa and test environments and app architecture. They enable MRS to concentrate on our own business and what makes us successful. As a partner, Stack41 is always responsive.


CEO, Management Research Services (MRS)

Data Holdings has partnered exclusively with Stack41 to combine our network access and support services into a redundant Internet access and bandwidth service offering to any customer operating from Data Holdings facility. Our partnership with Stack41 allows Data Holdings to offer a near 100% SLA on bandwidth services to customers.


CFO & COO, Data Holdings

Marcus Investments is a Midwest-based investment firm formed by the Marcus family to acquire, steward and grow the legacies of successful entrepreneurs and families. Stack41 provides backup storage hosting in addition to a private connection to their data center. Our experience with them has always been positive and they can be relied upon to respond to the needs of our business.


CFO, Marcus Investments

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