Case Study

Marcus Investments

Marcus Investments reaps the rewards of Stack41’s integrated IT solutions.

Marcus Investments LLC is a Midwest-based investment firm formed by the Marcus Corporation (NYSE: MCS) that focuses on building and growing the legacies of entrepreneurs and their families using business savvy and quiet peristence. As a long held, successful family-owned business, they understand the entrepreneurial spirit.


Marcus Investments is located in Milwaukee’s Third Ward. Though a vibrant, re-emerging area of town, businesses struggle with poor and inadequate communications infrastructure. As a result, business services were limited, inconsistent and highly unreliable.  The company had also struggled to find a suitable, capable IT integrator to manage on-site technology requirements that would allow the company to concentrate on its core business rather than direct resources to simply keeping IT support systems running.



Marcus Investments started working with Stack41 in 2015. An analysis of the customer’s needs pointed to the necessity for stable, secure Internet bandwidth and secure off-site storage for backup purposes. The first priority was to source an economical fiber private line connection to Stack41’s data center. Working with a trusted local carrier Stack41 designed a fully managed, scalable synchronous Ethernet connection to replace the unreliable asynchronous service. The private line served multiple purposes by avoiding using the public Internet for back-ups, feeding multi-homed, burstable Internet bandwidth from the data center and enabling future outsourced data center services as the business grows and matures.

By using our knowledge of local, reliable IT resources, Stack41 introduced Marcus to an independent, reliable IT integrator capable of supporting on-site systems and providing technology services to the company’s user community. Stack41 continues to work with the integrator to ensure the customer’s IT support requirements are met.

As a result of the changes, Marcus Investments enjoys stability of applications and avoids network and other technical issues that plagued productivity.

Company Location:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin / Third Ward


Finance, Investments

Distance from Data Center:

< 4 miles from Milwaukee Data Center


  • Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)
  • Private Fiber Line, Burstable Internet Bandwidth
  • Scalable Synchronous Ethernet
  • IT Solutions

Marcus Investments is a Midwest-based investment firm formed by the Marcus family to acquire, steward and grow the legacies of successful entrepreneurs and families. Stack41 provides backup storage hosting in addition to a private connection to their data center. Our experience with them has always been positive and they can be relied upon to respond to the needs of our business.


CFO, Marcus Investments