About Stack41

When low-latency, reliability and expertise matter – you can count on Stack41 Data Center Services.

Forward Thinking

It’s not enough to offer generic cloud services. If your IT team needs non-traditional services in the future such as Restful APIs or Key Value Storage as a Service, or any of THESE other services, can your cloud vendor help you design and implement the right solution for your needs?

Cloud Services

It’s fair to say that “the cloud” is just someone else’s computer. The most important things to consider though are the network design to reach it, the hardware design that runs the applications and whether the chosen cloud is affordable. It’s simple if you really know how.

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Open Source Software

We are experts in open source software for the Enterprise. It delivers secure and sophisticated solutions for any application while drastically reducing costs. open source does not lock its users into proprietary platforms, and easily inter-works with other business software.

Customer Centric

Our customers are pretty important to us. Without them we don’t have a business, so we try our best to take care of them. We’d be happy to let you talk to them about whether they are happy with our services.

Upgrade from a “vendor” to a “partner”

We all know that talk is cheap. And network and database problems are not! If your current provider has promised “great” things – but is simply a “great” pain-in-the-rear, with slow performance and non-existent service, please connect with us. We have several customers who used to feel that way about their data center service as a service (DCaaS) arrangement.

Stack41 approaches all client relationships as partnerships. We tailor solutions for a specific application using our own tools, and other tools (like the public cloud), if they are appropriate. One size never does fit all, especially when it comes to your business.

We’re approachable, responsive and knowledgeable. You’ll always know where to find us if you need help, and can rely on our always doing the right thing for your business, not just ours.

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High performance.

Custom designed.

Transparent pricing.

You have a budget. You’ll know exactly how much our services will cost every month. Our prices reflect the amount of RAM, storage and Internet your application will consume. That’s all. No strings, and nothing hidden.

Our Story

Stack41 is the premier data center as a service (DCaaS) provider in the Midwest. Utilizing only Tier III or better data centers for mission-critical applications, we design and deliver technology solutions that will transform your business. When availability, speed, custom solutions and knowledgeable support are paramount – Stack41 delivers.

We currently operate data centers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. For premium speed, we recommend business be located within a 100-mile radius of our data center locations. We call this our “watershed.”

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Our Leadership

Ian Favill


At Stack41, Ian is responsible for customer relationship management, and takes point on sales and marketing efforts.  He has 25+ years of experience in the technology services industry in Wisconsin, at companies including legacy AT&T, TWC Business Class and Data Holdings, which have equipped him to understand how technology applications are appropriate to business customer organizations.

Ryan Brooks

CEO and solution architect

Ryan designs and builds handcrafted data center hardware and network solutions for specific customer applications. Way back in the 1990s, Ryan co-founded inc.net, a regional Internet service provider, which supplied services to corporations in the Ameritech region. He sold the company to Time Warner and after Time Warner Telecom’s successful IPO and further acquisition of GST Telecom, headed their design team to develop a national network. Ryan has also worked at UPS, British Telecom and has also done extensive consulting work for Fortune 500 companies.