Darktrace Security

You can’t put a price on peace of mind. Nightmares of ransomware, phishing scams and data theft are horrific realities. There is a solution, though! Cyber security from Darktrace delivers the control you want and that your business needs, so you can sleep at night.

Why Darktrace?

Stack41 has never represented someone else’s product, until now. For over three years we have managed Darktrace (as a service) for one of our customers, and it has performed fabulously well protecting our customer. As a result, we decided to become a Darktrace reseller, and bring the same peace of mind to other businesses.

How it Works

On a conceptual level, think of Darktrace as an immune system for your business. From the moment it starts working, Darktrace learns the healthy status-quo of a business’ daily life. When it detects abnormal activity, it isolates that activity so the IT team can address it, while the rest of the business continues as usual, undisturbed.


Darktrace is AI-based, using machine learning to understand what defines the normal patterns of the business it’s protecting. Working in concert with a firewall, it looks for novel threats that may have evaded the firewall, or successful infiltration of malware through email phishing attacks, and shuts them down before they can corrupt files or exfiltrate data.

It doesn’t matter if you need to monitor a headquarters location, email systems, VPN user endpoints, SAAS environments (SharePoint, MS 365, Salesforce, etc.) or cloud instances (Azure, AWS, or private), Darktrace has the ability to cover them all.

An intuitive GUI using proactive methodology interacts with the IT team, asking questions, singling out individual user behavior.

Better than any endpoint solution or patchwork of individual vendor solutions, Darktrace is the holistic solution you have been looking for.

Proof of Value (POV)

The free trial POV program ships a server to your location. After it’s installed it remains passive for two weeks, learning about the normal network patterns of your business. It stays in for a further two weeks, actively questioning behavioral and best practice anomalies. The Darktrace and Stack41 teams review any discovered abnormal activity with you during the POV, to learning the best ways to use the Darktrace tool and best protect your network, your business and your reputation.

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