Cloud Solutions

Get much better storage response times, enhance security, improve uptime, reduce annoying friction in your business processes, and do it all for a lower cost. Don't settle for inefficient business as usual.

Score a Win For Your Business

Migration to the cloud should improve both physical and digital security and enhance service availability with network and power redundancy. All that sounds expensive,  but when you figure the money you spend on hardware, lost orders from not having enough capacity, lost profit from service outages, poor internal and external user experiences, and the cost of paying someone to maintain your hardware, migrating to the cloud will almost certainly save you money!

 So how do we improve all those things?

We own the computer hardware

If you own your own hardware, you try to right-size it for expected or seasonal demand, so you might miss out on business during peak demand. Under-powered hardware means slow storage response times to process orders, and paying for IT resources in break/fix mode is a complete waste of money.


Unlike the big cloud guys, we fill our hardware capacity to 80%, and then add more resources, so there is never more demand than capacity.

Storage matters

Stack41 cloud is built on top of 100% solid state disks that can run in excess of 100,000 operations per second versus the several hundred operations you are getting today. Migration to the Stack41 cloud from your existing public cloud or private closet is a transformational experience for your internal employees and external customers.

The Expense of Software

The biggest IT cost you have is for the application software that runs your business. Why run expensive software on inferior hardware? The exact same software, running on Stack41 cloud hardware, will run many times faster, processing more orders, satisfying many times more customers, and making a greater return on your software investment.

Reduce Operational Friction

Hosting your own applications is so last-century! You already outsource your email and your file sharing, so why not the IT hardware too? Self-hosting makes your business less efficient, which costs more money. Get faster storage I/O, with full service hardware management, and get your money’s worth.. 

Elastic Resources

The Stack41 cloud makes scaling resources up or down for busy or slow times simple. Why pay for extra capacity you don’t need for most of the year? Resources on demand is such an easy thing to live with.

Why The Stack41 Cloud?

We’re better for your business than these big, faceless cloud guys because:

  • We have the same services, only ours are local to your business. Where do the big guys have data centers in Wisconsin? They don’t!
  • We don’t over-subscribe our hardware resources
  • With us, your monthly cost is predictable. You pay for storage, RAM and bandwidth, rather than transactions every time your data goes in and out of the cloud (hint: that will make your CFO happy)
  • Our local proximity makes I/O faster (closer = less latency = faster)
  • Our SSD I/O is faster than their sluggish I/O
  • Our services come with local technical support for your applications (try getting that from the big guys)
  • Talk to a real, local person, 24 X 7 X 365 when the pressure’s on to get something fixed
  • We have skin in the game. It’s our cloud, so there’s no convenient finger-pointing


Our data centers will help your business run better

Reliability, security and speed is more affordable than you think. And for those within 100 miles of Milwaukee or Minneapolis, you’re ideally suited to reap the benefits of near-zero latency.

Put Stack41 to work for you. Contact us now