Cloud Solutions

The fastest cloud responses you ever experienced because we use dedicated hardware that's physically close to you. Don't settle for "meh".

Application Services

Selected enterprise organizations have mission-critical applications that must be highly available and extremely responsive. Perhaps it’s a database, or CAD drawings, or medical images. Our customers’ applications benefit from being within a 100-mile radius of our network “Edge” data center for fast and effective data delivery. Different applications demand different design considerations. Handcrafted solutions deliver optimal performance. Customers with sensitive applications are connected to our infrastructure via a secure, private line to leverage our expertise, meet compliance standards and have access to scalable, secure, inexpensive bandwidth from our data center.


I/O speed and latency are the biggest killer of database performance. Edge proximity harnessed to an SSD physical platform improves performance immeasurably.

Backup and DR

Remote copies are the best way to defeat system issues and malware problems


Differentiated storage options


Private Local Cloud

Our local Private Cloud delivers the all of the benefits of keeping applications in-house, at a lower cost and delivering better performance. At Stack41, we specialize in hosting mission-critical enterprise applications. Different applications demand specific hardware and network designs to run optimally. They also demand a high level of customer service and interaction for economical and successful IT outcomes. Public-facing applications, or those with worldwide distribution belong in the public cloud.  For those applications critical to the running of an enterprise business, you’ll find no better partner than Stack41.  

Edge Cloud Platforms

Our Edge Cloud Platforms serve a geographic radius around our data centers that provide a high level of customer service and optimal performance.

Private cloud

Mission-critical applications are best served on a resilient, high-performance platform out of a purpose-built data center with 100% uptime

Dedicated Servers

For applications that demand dedicated infrastructure

Public Cloud

The public cloud can be a component of some applications


Our data centers will help your business run better

Reliability, security and speed is more affordable than you think. And for those within 100 miles of Milwaukee or Minneapolis, you’re ideally suited to reap the benefits of near-zero latency.

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