Why Location Matters


It’s important to colocate your servers in a redundant, purpose-built data center. If that data center is two hours away, that’s not such a good idea. Not only does travel time impact response times, but it significantly adds to the cost and complexity of managing an IT team and supporting an enterprise.



Who doesn’t use cloud services nowadays? When things go wrong, you need outside, expert support. The importance of having a world-class, local partner that responds to urgent service situations when the pressure’s on, cannot be overstated.


Network Proximity

Application performance is a big deal to a business. If a database is too far away from its users, business efficiency really suffers. As long as a local data center has diverse and resilient Internet bandwidth, local really is better.



It’s a fact of life that you’ll always get better service from someone who has skin in the game. Local relationships outweigh assurances from an out-of-town vendor.

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