Case Study

Management Research Services

Management Research Services scores reliable, secure IT solutions and personal service with Stack41.

Management Research Services (MRS) works with national insurance industry clients to improve the efficiency and quality of information gathering and risk assessment toolsets. Its systems and processes must not only be capable of gathering and delivering accurate information, but must also be highly available, responsive and secure.

They have a nationally distributed call center operation that utilizes online tools in order to gather detailed information. If any  piece of the operation is down, the entire organization cannot function and MRS loses revenue.


Before working with Stack41, MRS hosted its mission-critical applications with a provider in a data center hundreds of miles away from its operations. The lack of local representation made relationship management difficult, network connections were unreliable and the platform was unsuited to the applications. In addition, the hardware hosting the application was obsolete and the host site had insufficient technical understanding to address the issues.


MRS started working with Stack41 in 2015. The first priority was to provide a stable platform for MRS and to ensure the necessary network resources were available. Next, Stack41 helped re-define the application platform to run more efficiently. Finally, a private line connecting MRS headquarters with our Milwaukee data center was installed. The private line enabled secure, guaranteed bandwidth for data replication, inexpensive IP transit and database maintenance.

Company Location:

Brookfield, Wisconsin / Metro Milwaukee


Insurance, Technology, Business Solutions

Distance from our
Data Center:

< 12 miles from our MKE Data Center


  • Data Center as a Service (DCaaS)
  • Private local cloud hosting

Stack41 is not just our hosting vendor they are our business partners. Our production environment is virtualized and is fully outsourced to Stack41. Stack41 also hosts our qa and test environments and app architecture. They enable MRS to concentrate on our own business and what makes us successful. As a partner, Stack41 is always responsive.

Tim Dineen

CEO, Management Research Services (MRS)