The Edge Data Center Concept

The speed of light is finite. The closer the application host is to its user, the faster it runs.

Large data files, or ones that need to be delivered to the user smoothly and efficiently, must be stored in close proximity to the user in a secure facility with a robust network delivery mechanism for low latency. Stack41’s Edge Data Center concept is based on the same ‘network edge’ architecture used by streaming content providers delivering services like Netflix.

Even when file sizes are huge, they must be highly available and download must be fast.

Any business self-hosting a mission-critical database or a catalog of large files is exposed to multiple single points of failure or an unreliable network, which lead to outages and inefficient delivery performance, all of which cost money.

Stack41’s data centers are the perfect solution for companies looking to improve performance and decrease downtime. We pride ourselves on our customer service and the ability to work cooperatively with your own IT resources.

low Latency & Proximity

The speed of light is finite. The closer the application host is to its user, the faster it runs. A slow network is a useless network. Critical applications will not perform well with long round-trip times.

The network bandwidth available to you in our data centers is enormous, secure, redundant, resilient, inexpensive and elastic. If you’re located in the Midwest and currently rely on distant data centers or the public cloud, decreased latency on our 100% SSD platform will make your applications more agile and responsive – guaranteed.

We currently run the services for two Data Centers: a Tier III Milwaukee Data Center and a Tier III Minneapolis Data Center.

Stack41 provides storage-intensive software applications perfect for:


• Retail

• Wholesale

• Manufacturing

• Insurance

• Financial services

• Hospitality

• Communications

• Healthcare

• Government

And any other industry that needs efficient, fast databases!

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