We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

 – Aristotle

We recently helped our partner, Data Holdings, celebrate their fifth anniversary in business. As fellow entrepreneurs know, making it those first few years – and on to a half a decade – is a big milestone.

At an event held at the Potawatomi Hotel in Milwaukee, an audience listened to latest news about their Tier III+ Milwaukee Data Center, together with its plans for the future. 

As Wisconsin’s premier data center, Data Holdings is the home to all Stack41’s clients data, as well as that of our sister company, Caravela IoT. Stack41 occupies a private cage space within Data Holdings from which we provide private cloud services for enterprise mission-critical applications.

So while it was their shindig, we couldn’t help but feel intrinsically tied to the festivities – and not only because we had the honor of speaking at the event. (Stack41 will celebrate its 4th Anniversary later this year. Details to come!) 

Stack41 briefly presented our own latest news and talked about our Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning offshoot Caravela IoT. As the services partner to Data Holdings, Stack41 manages the network requirements and any additional managed services needed by the data center clients.

Our own new managed services customer, SaintA, graciously presented at the anniversary event, too. SaintA provides innovative family-centered care and educational services that embrace diversity and empower children, families, and adults to improve the quality of their lives. They are a dynamic provider advancing foster care, education and mental health services.

Bridget Fassett, SaintA’s Vice-President of Finance spoke briefly about their mission, and consulting IT Integrator Allen Chadwick from PlanIT then discussed the changes in SaintA’s technical architecture and the changes in application management by Stack41, while adding that Data Holdings made such a positive impact on the executive team when they toured the facility.

The migration to Stack41’s hosted infrastructure at Data Holdings has provided SaintA with improved access to applications, faster response times for case management and state-of-the-art application security. New on-site local area network hardware has contributed to the enormous reduction user troubles, application problems, and IT emergencies – enabling the IT team to concentrate on delivering benefits to the business.

Stack41 would like to take this opportunity to wish Data Holdings much success in the coming years and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership.

About Data Holdings

Data Holdings is a state-of-the-art Tier III+ Data Center built and operated by the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation. Data Holdings offers a full suite of services for commercial customers in conjunction with Stack41.

Located just west of downtown Milwaukee, Data Holdings is in the process of installing its second 2.5-megawatt generator in the indoor generator room. Data Holdings has two full-time, fully diverse 10-megawatt power feeds from redundant substations, and the new generator will enable Data Holdings to provide a third tier of backup support for the power demand load for new clients coming into the facility.

Plans have also been drawn up and approved for an additional 25,000 square feed of raised data center floor.