Whether you’re looking to change providers or migrate to cloud solutions, there are both tangible and intangible benefits to do so. Better technology and reliability top the list. In our conversations with prospects-turned-clients, there are many common threads. It may interest you to compare the top 10 reasons they made the switch – and remain in the Stack41 cloud. Much of it may resonate with you.

#1: Getting out of the IT business

Your business is a specialized business with your own secret sauce. Your employees need specialized training and experience. As do ours! Moving to Stack41’s cloud solutions allows you to get out of the IT business – and put more resources (staff and hardware) behind building yours.

#2: Cost Savings

If you run your own servers, you pay for power. And – the servers you bought just a few years ago are already obsolete. They won’t run the software you need for your business – but there’s no money in the budget for new servers. (Sounds familiar?)

#3: System Reliability

Your air conditioning to cool the servers is unreliable, your UPS system may be old and untested. And is there a generator backup. Your IT guy is overworked, just with desktop issues. (Note to self: Why do you host your own IT needs?)

#4: Elasticity

Remember those college Econ classes that talked about supply and demand? If your demand for IT resources increases or decreases, in the cloud, you can meet that demand with elastic supply – where your needs are met without an interruption or outage.

#5: Internet Costs

The cost of the Internet in the Stack41 cloud  is about 1/10th of what you pay for at your site. Plus, in the cloud, Internet is scalable (you can burst to a higher bandwidth on demand for no additional cost) and there is more than one Internet carrier feed for redundancy. It’s a no brainer.

#6: Redundancy

In our cloud, if one power feed goes down, there’s a redundant feed. If one Internet carrier goes down, there’s a backup. And if your IT guy can’t make it in, you have access to ours!

#7: Predictable Capital Costs

Remember that earlier point about new servers not being in the budget? That’s a capital cost. And all of those IT support systems that might go wrong, it’s another capital cost to replace them. The cloud is a monthly recurring operating cost.

#8: Price

Our cloud is less expensive than hosting your own applications. The math is simple. Don’t believe it? Contact us for a quote today. It just may knock your socks off.

#9: Customer Service

“I need help and I need it now!” When your database crashes or a file got corrupted and you need real live help we will be there. When you are planning a new initiative and need help designing the right platform to host it, we help there, too. Real people with real answers to real problems. It’s what we do.

#10: Peace of mind

We rarely ask for a term commitment. We want businesses to stay with us because they like us and our solutions, and they know they can count on us for support – not because they have to because they’re locked into a lengthy contract. That’s no fun for any of us.

So, there you have it! And it’s just our top 10 reasons you could benefit from our cloud solutions. Connect with us and we’re sure you’ll discover more. Our private cloud solutions that deliver simplicity, convenience and predictability.

Anything less is less than you deserve.

About Stack41

Stack41 uses best-in-class hardware appropriate to a customer application and do not utilize single-source vendor hardware unless it is demonstrably the best alternative or a customer specifically requests its use.

Our pricing is based on a combination of three components: RAM, storage and bandwidth. This helps clients understand solution costs and formulate an accurate budget knowing there are no hidden costs.

Plus – we’re smart, reliable, honest people. You’ll like working with us. We’ll do a great job. And you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.