Disaster Recovery

When your applications, systems and software are absolutely essential to your business – it’s imperative to have this vital infrastructure already in place.
Every business needs to have a plan to house a copy of important data off-site. If you get hacked and have files corrupted, or infected by ransomware it can mean the loss of business, reputation and maybe jobs! A fire, weather event, or a simple server crash can be a disaster. You need a recent copy of your data readily available.

Develop comprehensive alternatives with us that include offsite backup and recovery with data replication and high-availability solutions.

  • If you use a “mass-market” DR cloud solution for your business, your actual file restore time could take several days because their download speed to you is drastically limited to make actual data recovery frustratingly slow.
  • If you are still using tape backups, onsite backups, or don’t have an offsite backup and recovery plan that helps you sleep better at night, our local data centers provide offsite backup and recovery options. We eliminate the high failure rates of tape backup and significantly shorten recovery time for both individual files and entire servers.

Recovery Services that Fit Your Unique Needs

Every business has different and specific backup needs. Once we understand your specific needs, we will work with you to plan and implement a recovery solution to get you back in business in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.

Our service also allows for annual testing to ensure that you have confidence that your organization can continue mission-critical operations with minimal impact when the unforeseen strikes.

Advantages of working with us are:

  • Local expert technical support to help you when the pressure’s on
  • Predictable monthly pricing begins at just $90 per month
  • Much faster restoration of services
  • Backup any system or platform
  • Know where your data resides and who is in control of it

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